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    We research, write and post Wikipedia entries.

    You are a musician. Sarah the music fan is browsing various musicians on Wikipedia. She reads an article about one of your collaborators. When she sees your name, she thinks, I’d like to read more about that guy! Maybe he’s cute… But… you don’t have a Wikipedia page, so she can’t. (sad emoticon)

    Solution: Here at My Wiki Pro, we offer the services of a confirmed Wikipedia contributor who has written, designed and posted Wikipedia articles (email us for examples of entries we’ve done).

    Why you need a Wikipedia page: Everybody is using Wikipedia these days. Wikipedia contains nearly 4 million articles in English, and it is estimated that Wikipedia receives over 2.5 billion monthly pageviews in the US. A Wikipedia entry is inevitably one of the first entries that pops up on search engines. If you want to be part of the Internet encyclopedia, you need to be on Wikipedia, and you need the article written by an unbiased professional, so that it isn’t removed or flagged for lacking references.

    What we need: a description of you / your band / your newspaper / your whatever. A related photograph. PDFs of any coverage from reputable sources that can’t be found online.

    We’ll do the rest. We’ll find references, write the article, properly format footnotes and design the layout. 

    Or, we can update your existing Wikipedia article.

    Get in touch with us;

    If you are interested in a Wikipedia entry, please email submissions@mywikipro.com

    Note: we will get back to you within 48 hours should we take you on as a client.

    For all other inquires contact: 



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